Fried Lamb’s Liver

Fried Lamb’s Liver
1hr 30 mins
4 people
6 Ingredients

Fried mutton or goat liver, commonly known as “liver fry,” is very popular in Nepal and parts of southern India. In addition to being a super nutritious food — liver is a good source for protein, folic acid and iron — fried liver goes really well with just about anything. Serve it with rice or bread, or if you want something that’s not bacon or sausage for brunch to go with eggs and some greens.


½ tablespoon ‏turmeric
500 gm ‏lamb's liver, sliced into 1/2-inch pieces
2 tablespoons ‏olive oil
5 pieces ‏sichuan peppercorn, crushed
4 cloves ‏garlic, sliced into small pieces
2-inch ‏ginger, thinly sliced or smashed
1 tablespoon ‏salt (or to taste)
½ tablespoon ‏cumin powder
½ tablespoon ‏coriander powder
1½ teaspoon ‏red chilly powder (optional if your liver can't handle spicy liver)
½ ‏lemon, squeezed
few ‏fresh chives, chopped


To begin, mix turmeric and cold water in a bowl and immerse the liver into the bowl. Liver has a peculiar smell to it, so soaking it in turmeric will help lessen the smell. Soak for about half hour before washing it in cold water a couple of times. Use a strainer to drain it, or you can also pat them dry with a kitchen paper.

Slice the liver into long, thin strips and then cut them into ½-inch pieces.

In a pan, heat the oil and throw in the sichuan peppercorns, followed by ginger and garlic. Just as the ginger/garlic start turning golden brown, add the liver pieces to the pan and give it a good stir. Cook for about 10 minutes in medium heat — you will notice that the liver will start turning brown, but not entirely dry. Be careful — overcooking liver will make them taste rubbery, so make sure you are cooking on medium heat.

Add salt, cumin and coriander and stir to mix well and cook for about 3-5 minutes. Add 1/4 cup of water and continue to cook on medium heat for about 5-6 minutes until the water evaporates entirely. Be brave, sprinkle that chili powder and give it a stir.

Transfer the liver to a serving bowl, add the lemon juice and mix it with a spoon. Garnish will some chives. You are done here.